Gain more leads without the guesswork!

Are you struggling with these common challenges in your business?

😩 Stagnant Growth Is your business stuck in neutral, with leads barely trickling in? It's time to break the chains and propel your growth forward!

😩 Uncertain Audience Engagement Are you unsure if your audience is really connecting with your content? It's frustrating when you're not getting the response you deserve!

😩 Time-Consuming Content Creation Does the thought of creating lead magnet content and designing on-brand materials make you want to pull your hair out?

😩 Ineffective Communication Are you struggling to keep your audience engaged and nurtured through the buyer's journey?

😩 Visibility Challenges Are your lead magnets lost in the vast digital landscape, struggling to reach your target audience?

I've got the Solution!

🔥 Turbocharge Your Lead Generation My comprehensive guide unlocks the secrets to creating irresistible lead magnets that attract the right leads to your business

🔥 Audience-Centric Lead Magnets Discover how to choose lead magnet ideas that strike a chord with your audience, boosting engagement and conversions.

🔥 Effortless Creation Using the BONUS Canva template you will create the perfect lead magnet for your business with limited effort on your part!

🔥 Seamless Automation Dive into crafting compelling email sequences and automating your workflow for continuous client nurturing and hassle-free communication.

🔥 Effortless Promotion Unleash your lead magnets into the world with our Promotional Graphic Canva Templates, putting your brand in the spotlight!

What's Inside?

🌟 What is a Lead Magnet?: Get a clear understanding of lead magnets and why they are crucial for your business growth.

🌟 Choosing Your Lead Magnet Idea & Format: Discover how to select the perfect lead magnet idea that resonates with your audience.

🌟 Form & Landing Page Creation: Get step by step instructions to create a form in minutes! Plus learn the value of an engaging landing page.

🌟 Email Sequence & Automation: Delve into crafting engaging email content and automating your workflow for seamless communication and client nurturing

PLUS over $90 worth of BONUS VALUE👇

3 x Lead Magnet Templates

Instagram Promotional Post Templates

Instagram Promotional Story Templates

Email Marketing Terminology Cheat Sheet

Bonus Lead Magnet Checklist


Lead Magnets Made Easy!

💰Gain access to my How To Guide and BONUS Canva Template's for only $29 AUD 💰

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive instant access to the eBook after purchase?

Yes! You will receive instant access to your eBook. mini series and all bonus templates upon purchase. 

Are the bonus templates customisable for my specific brand and niche?

Yes, they are! The bonus templates are designed in Canva and can be updated to your branding colours, fonts etc.

Are there any restrictions on using the bonus templates for commercial purposes?

The templates are to be used for your business only. They are not permitted to be resold under any circumstances. They can only be used within the Canva account of the purchaser.

Are there any additional resources or tools recommended to implement the strategies effectively?

Yes, you will need access to the FREE version of Canva and you will need to sign up to an email marketing platform - I recommend MailerLite. 

Sign up now using my Affiliate Link

Can I share the bonus templates with my team members or colleagues?

Anyone who has access to your team in Canva are able to use the templates for your business only. They cannot be shared outside of your account for other people or businesses to use. 

Is the content suitable for beginners, or do I need prior knowledge of lead magnets?

The eBook is designed for all service based businesses at any stage of business.

Are you ready?

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Lead Magnet eBook

Your complete step-by-step guide to creating a lead magnet for your business using Canva and MailerLite! PLUS Bonus Canva Lead Magnet + Promo Templates!

29.00 AUD

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Disclaimer: The information provided in "How to Create a Lead Magnet + Bonus Templates" is intended to serve as a comprehensive guide for creating and automating lead magnets in your service-based business. However, please note that the results obtained from implementing lead magnets may vary based on individual businesses, strategies, and the effort put forth by each user.

While we have taken great care to offer valuable insights and practical tips, the success of your lead magnet initiatives ultimately depends on your unique business context and the dedication you invest in applying the strategies outlined in the eBook.

As with any business endeavour, there are inherent risks and no guarantees of specific outcomes. We encourage you to carefully assess your business needs, adapt the strategies to suit your target audience, and diligently implement the concepts shared in the eBook.

Remember, building a successful business requires consistent effort, learning, and adaptation. Our eBook is designed to provide you with a strong foundation and valuable resources, but your journey to success will depend on your individual actions and commitment.

Should you have any questions or require additional support, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team at We are here to help you navigate your path to business growth and success.